Videos: Open Development

The following are the complete recordings of the sessions of the event 'Open Development: Exploring the future of the information society in LAC' (2-3 April 2013). You can also watch the recording of the interviews 'Voices of the Region', recorded to be presented at the Fourth Ministerial Conference on the Information Society for Latin America and the Caribbean (3-5 April 2013). All videos are in their original language, mostly Spanish, in the cases where the interventions were in English, it is indicated below under each video.

Shorter summaries of the thematic session videos can be seen in each of the 5 theme pages.

  1. Openness
  2. Participation and democracies
  3. New collaborative models
  4. Copyright
  5. Privacy


Opening remarks from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Federico Burone, Jose Clastornik, Laurent Elder (Intervention in English) and Bruce Girard


Session 1: Debate on the proposition: The internet in LAC will remain free, public and open over the next 10 years from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Coordinator: Hernan Galperin (DIRSI) | Sebastian Bellagamba (Internet Society Latin America), Eleonora Rabinovich (Asociación por los Derechos Civiles), Pablo Bello (AHCIET, ex subsecretario de telecomunicaciones de Chile), Carlos Raúl Gutierrez (SUTEL, presidente de Regulatel)

Session 2: Digital Citizenship: from representative to interactive democracies from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Coordinator: Sandro Jiménez Ocampo (Plataforma KolaborAccion) | Enzo Abbagliati (Fundación Democracia y Desarrollo), Hubert Linders (Consumers International), Gustavo Macedo Diniz (Instituto Igarapé, Intervention in English)

Session 3: What will new forms of collaborative business mean for the bottom of the pyramid? from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Coordinator: Geoff Schwarten (NESsT, Intervention in English) | Rodrigo Maia (Catarse, Intervention in English) Albert Cañigueral (OuiShare), Fernando Perini (IDRC)

Session 4 - Debate on the proposition: Copyright Laws and the Creative Economy: How can Science and Education in the Digital Age flourish in LAC? from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Moderator: Ivan Reidel (Universidad de San Andrés) | M. Georgia Gibson-Henlin (experto en Propiedad Intelectual, Jamaica, Intervention in English) Joana Varon (Profesor en CTS-FGV, Brazil), Carolina Botero (Fundación Karisma, Colombia)

Session 5: Is privacy dead? from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Coordinator: Claudio Ruiz (Derechos Digitales Beatriz Busaniche (Fundación Vía Libre), Carlos Gregorio (Instituto de Investigación para la Justicia), Katitza Rodríguez (EFF), Ramiro Álvarez (Asociación por los Derechos Civiles)

Robin Mansell: Imagining the internet: Open, Closed or In Between from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Robin Mansell, London School of Economics Professor on New Media and Internet (Intervention in English)


A brief look to the past and the future: 25 years of the information society in LAC from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Manuel Acevedo and Valeria Betancourt

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Breakout Reports and The path towards Open Development in LAC: Concluding remarks from Fundación Comunica on Vimeo.

Moderators: Raúl Echeberría (LACNIC) y Fernando Perini (IDRC)